What I though when I first saw the illustrations and webisodes (and the leaked pics of the dolls) for Ever After High was, precisely:

"Yay! Monster High bodies!!!"

Then: “Jesus! Their round faces!”

Then: “Wait. They have the same face sculpt?”

Then: “YaY! Cupid is there in the opening!!!”

Then: “Why is Snow White’s daughter blond?”

Then: “Who’s this generic rich girl supposed to be? Oh, probably Belle, from the Beauty and the Beast, cause of the roses theme. LoL sunglasses crown thing wtf”

Then: “This Raven Queen doll looks like Amy Lee…”

Then: “Cute Mad Hatter girl ♥”

Then: “OMG superperfect Goldilocks!!!”

Ever After High seems interesting to me, but not as much as Monster High. I think the story is a little too obvious comparing to mh. As for the characters’ designs, Madeline Hatter, Blondie Locks, Cerise Hood and the queen of hearts girl are well done. They are recognizable and interesting. Madeline has cute teaspoon earrings and a teacup hat, a good combination of colors and a crazy colored hair that resembles mh hairs. Blondie is simply the cutest thing, with her classic lolita style. Cerise is pretty, and she’s the only one of the whole cast so far to have straight hair (and I took a good while to notice that her hair is actually long, not short, and is inside her cape. You can see it if you look carefully). The queen of hearts is very well made as well, and I really like her heart shaped hair, styled through a large crown.

Cinderella’s daughter is ok, but she kind of looks like Giselle, from Enchanted. I liked her colors, the flower motif, and especially her little shoe earrings, however, at the ceremony thing, her fancy dress, which is very beautiful, is also pretty generic (it could belong to any princess), and has a little roman thing going on with those golden leaves decorations that doesn’t seem to fit Cinderella. But, as I said, Ashlynn Ella is ok for me.

I like Bo Beep, she’s kind of a sexy version of Bo Beep, but she’s ok. I like that she’s candy-colored.

That lilac and black girl with twin tails next to the queen of hearts is supposed to be the cheshire cat girl. How in the world did the cheshire cat have a human daughter is a complete mistery, but she looks nice anyway.

There’s a variety of pretty backgrounders with nice hairstyles and stuff. I wish they could have dolls at some time in the future.

The guys, which are almost all princes, also have the exact same face, only the hairstyles and colors change. Only the frog prince is a little bit more different from the others. And Dexter, although referred to an awkward nerd, is actually just a pretty prince like all the others, the difference is that he wears glasses.

Apple White is pretty, I like her dress, her accessories and everything (her purse > u < ). But her blond hair… I understand that mattel doesn’t want people to confuse EAH with the Disney Princesses, but making Snow White blond is the most obvious choice when trying to create a “new” version of Snow White. Her hair didn’t have to be black, but at ;east dark-colored, to contrast with the white skin. Honestly, Apple White looks like a Barbie doll that’s wearing red instead of pink. And it all could be fixed if she had a dark-colored hair. But her skin is really lighter than everybody else’s (except for Cupid’s, of course), which I like.

Raven Queen is completely unappealing and uninteresting for me. The only things about her that I actualy like are the upper part of her hair and the feather collar. The rest is generic and the only evil-queenish thing about her outfit is that it is purple and black. If you color the same look differently, she could become a neutral princess. The only personal looking part of her look, that feather themed collar, if painted white, for example, could be the swan princess collar or something like that. I can see that the whole point of her character is that she doesn’t want to be the evil queen of the story, but everybody is dressed according to the position they are expected to have in their fairy tales. Therefor, Raven shoud have a really evil-queen looking outfit, with evil-looking shapes as well as evil-looking colors, and not only an all purple dress. Also, I think she could look very nice if she was blond with purple locks, or had light colored hair, but that’s just a though.

And the most poorly done of all the designs, for me, is Briar Beauty. She’s just not a princess. Her skin color is pretty and her hair has nice colors, but its style looks too much like Apple’s hair. Her clothes look like normal clothes for any generic rich girl doll. The roses motif can very easily get confused with beauty and the beast’s Belle (a character that would have much more reason to have roses in her look than sleeping beauty). And, finally, that sunglasses crown thing. It doesn’t even make sense and reinforces her generic rich girl look.

I’ll probably post some fanart of most of the characters, and I’m gonna get those designs revamped.

And someone is probably gonna get offended, but remember, this all is just my opinion, you don’t have to agree and I’m not trying to change your mind. This is just the way I think.

Pictures from here.

(Source: anonoart)

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